Sunday, 3 April 2011

I won my biker dream.

I can now officially thank Bennetts Insurance for the fantastic prize that is Road2Manchester.

Those of you that have read the blog back to the early days will realise that the concept for R2M is not new.

I had the idea three years ago, and as late as January this year, was about to give up then with a very short entry to the Win your biker dream competition, my fortunes changed.

After a few attempts at catching me in, the ensuing phone conversation was a bit like one of those timeshare calls.

"Oh yea, whats this gonna cost me", surprize, confused, excited, NOTHING, you have won your biker dream".

That was in February, and now and over the past 48 hours at the MCN Live at Skegness, it was time to announce to the world that the whole trip is happeneing thanks to the team of very clever and good looking crew at Bennetts. (Was that enough???)

As you can see, it was hard work and harder play as Mrs J (yes. she took the photos), and I had a great weekend and as they say on the tin, Bikes, Babes and Bands, made it a great weekend.

Friday afternoon to Sunday, there was lots of action, stunt shows, Wall of Death, Bennetts Biker Babes (did I mention them ????) and met James Toseland who later entertained the troops with his rock band, Crash.

Chatting R2M, Mr James Toseland, off the track at the moment due to his broken hand. Later on stage with CRASH he mentioned that he will be back on form by the end of April and heading for Monza to kick some.....

Good luck Jimbo.

Did I mention the Bennetts Biker Babes. (No dear, its just for my blog followers, I didn't notice them really XXX).

Back in Manchester now and once again many many thanks to the Bennetts team for a great opportunity, great prize and great weekend.

Start date 2nd week in May, with a visit to the Northwich Thundersprint (May 7-8) just before I go.

Have a go at this years Win your biker dream you never know..............................


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