Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Happy Birthday-------- 2Me

Just days after the announcement that Bennetts Biker Dreams, have made this trip a reality, another announcement. Today is my birthday. 53 yrs old and though the bod' might be looking it's age, the brain is still a teenager. (OK mid twenties then !) Fancy that, a man of my age running off to explore the USA on a motorbike !!!! Thanks to the 400+ visitors to my revolverglobe (down to the right of here). Almost all are from Adventure Riders site and 85% from the states. Though odd one from South America, Oz, India, Middle East and Europe just go to show that the old addage "One World" is still relevant. Answer to world harmony: Give everyone a motorbike, a tank full of fuel and a road to wander .


Colin Bryers said...

Happy Birthday Pete ! We met at the MCN event at the weekend ( i,m the Scotsman selling kilts from Sale !!)I,ll keep an eye on the blog, and spread the word buddy :o)

Anonymous said...

No probs, let me have your web address and I will add a link at the bottom. Have you clicked the revloverglobe ???