Monday, 11 April 2011

Bennetts video from MCN Live Yours truly is at the end..... last 2mins. Sunday. Fantastic weather with total sun, (unlike today, its raining again). I took the GS for a spin. Cat N Fiddle Nr Buxton. I passed an old chap on a 1960's Triumph about a mile from home, said hello at the lights in Timperley then an hour later whilst chatting to some guys at the Cat N Fiddle pub, in he rolls, a quick circle around the car park, then straight out again heading for Buxton. Hope I am still riding when I am his age. (+70 at least). After a great days riding yestersday (Sunday) a BBQ, a beer and a good nights sleep. I am getting 'stuff' ready for the trip. Then I will start to decide exactly what I can fit in the 'boot' of the Wing. Packing is always a choice of minimums but in the case of the USA, I guess I can always buy 'stuff' when I get there. Pants !!!! wash em or trash em!!! Hmmmn ??? Take a look at the Bennetts video.... I am the big ugly one near the finish. (James Toseland look tiny next to me, sorry Jimbo). Later World !!!! PS: Thanks for your RED DOTS on the revolver globe, I love this app.

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