Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Dragons Tail a Wing and a prayer.

Some roads just have to be included. But this one puts our local 'best roads' in the lower bracket. 318 bends in 11 miles. Trust the Americans to build a road specifically for bikes..... brilliant. 80). Deals Gap (The Dragons Tail), is between Tennessee and Alabama on my route. AND most definately on the list of must do routes. Been over to see a Honda 1800 Goldwing, that will be supplied for my 9600 mile pootle !!

With a seat like an armchair, great weather protection, and more buttons than a Jumbo Jet, the wing is certainly the bike for doing long, long days in total comfort. Built in sat nav, CD player, heated everything, and a reverse gear. Though I once had a 1989 1500 Wing, the newer version is a much better option. This baby is for sale for a mere £23000...... ouch. See Honda Knutsford....... if you are feeling flush. NB: Anyone got a Union Jack flag that fits the wing aerial ???/ They only seem to do USA flags here??????


DennyG said...

Yes, you're pretty much obligated to do the Dragon if for no other reason than to avoid explaining why not when you get home. But you might want to also consider the somewhat nearby Cherohala Skyway. It really is a much prettier and pleasanter ride.

Is the map you posted on Feb 22 the final/current route? If so, is it available in more detail somewhere?

Looks like we share a birthday though I've been celebrating it much longer than you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Den: The final final route is about right as per "thats the general direction". Open to changes on route to get me to CA in 35 days. As time is of the essence, I will be calling in at some places like NiagraFalls and your suggestion, plus any 'B&B' BBQ and Beer offers allow.

Henry Martin said...

Definitely do the Cherohala Skyway after the Dragon. It starts (or ends) in Tellico Plains, TN. I'll be doing both rides (hopefully) next weekend. Plenty of motorcycle campgrounds in the area.