Sunday, 13 March 2011

On any Sunday.

One way of being noticed... or not !

Rivington Barn , Horwich, Bolton (today)

What a great day for riding. Sunny, not too warm and bright, clear skies.

I was not the only one thinking the same, as a visit to Rivington Barn near Bolton proved.

I lost count at 120 bikes in the car park, and as more came and went, one thing struck me.

Variety is most definately the spice of life.

Cruisers, (Harley, Goldwings, Moto Guzzi), Sports bikes from every era, the big trialies, and choppers, quads and scooters.

With an age group from lads riding pillion on their dads bikes, teenagers on scooters, to us 'mature' riders and many ladies on their own bikes, fantastic.
No issues about who ride what, everyone with a common interest.

Bike of the day, a Turbo Triumph Rocket (with a very handy, and probably necessary back rest for the pilot). Oh and a nice Harley Chopper, and a nice old BMW Combo.

See Roadto Manchester on facebook, or @Road2Manchester on Twitter for a short vid.

Onwards and upwards. March start for the 'movie' still planned. Things are speeding up a bit, some filming in Manchester soon.... (thats a daft statement innit????).

Keep watching.

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