Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunny Sundays

Hello to everyone visiting here in the past weeks.days/hours. Still tends to amaze me that over 7000 viewers from across the globe have had a peek at my ramblings. Thanks again.

Next week see's the 'BIG' Bike Show in Birmingham UK, probably the largest collection of manufacturers, suppliers and businesses in the UK trade, showing their wares to us 'punters'.

It's a costly affair with entry fees, parking and 90 miles each way. last years show was just about ruined by heavy snow, so maybe this time it might get busy. I will probably turn up like a dud battery, I need some winter gloves anyway, and often there are some bargains to be searched out.

I have been having word a with the new North West Blood Bikes, a charity (in the making), that rushes about the country with supplies of donated blood and baby milk, for free, 24-7. Aimed at the health service and hospitals, Breast Milk banks etc, they do it for nothing, and even pay their own fuel (for now).

Find them on Twitter and Facebook, and LIKE/Follow their progress.


I recently bought this little Kawazaki Z250LTD for Sharon (Mrs R2M), as a doer upper. Shaz took here CBT earlier in the year, so to encourage her to take a further test before heading out, the 250 will be just enough until she gets a few miles done. Keep looking though, as it will soon be 'Electric Blue'. Renamed Kawashazy too..

After my experiences on the big Honda Goldwing, and my own R1200GSa, the heavy work loads have become the norm, and I have added the task of carrying camera men to my remit, to get some more mileage in.

My CV now looks like a copy of war and piece, and as my standard fully loaded kerbside weight has been in the 390- 500kgs range this year and for some time, having a monkey on the back throwing a 30kg camera around makes things so much simplier. (Honest)

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another new one. E mail NO PHISHERMEN PLEASE

Phew, that was a long post. It's now 1am though as the clocks went back today it would have been 2am. We have this weird hour gain and loss each year, to gain a few more hours daylight in the winter.

It doesn't work, it's still dark when you get up, and dark on the way home from work by the end of November.

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