Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where did October go?

Time seems to fly by when you get busy. Just finished a brick effect job on a portable cabin. my new website.

The riding season is coming to a close for the recreational riders of the UK. Despite a bit of a heat wave in early October.The temperatures were strangly high for Autumn, the cooler air though has returned, with rain and high winds over the past few days.

My biking days have included a return trip to London (390 miles) using the motorways. (Freeways), this was a business trip, and as the client was in Chelsea, the thought of trains, cabs or driving was a no no. Stopping often in central London, I found the traffic to be crazy, though the car drivers are very bike aware.

I pulled up next to a Police biker, and asked him how he dealt with this everyday. The reply is not printable, but simple to say he was not a happy chappy.

As my old Transit van is at the end of its usefull life (without a major spend), I have been pootleing around on the GS. I love my bike, and despite the hassle of getting it out of the garage, putting on my gear (15mins) , and always concerned about the weather...... it's all worth it !

No work now, so a bit worried about the pre-Christmas run. Some years I have been mad busy right up to Xmas and beyond, the last two years the cupboard is bare.

I am looking for a proper job, and once again both Shaz and myself consider moving to France or in fact anywhere for a warmer, less costly alternative to the Dark Satanic Mills of norther England.

Big bike show at the NEC Birmingham in November. so something to look forward to.

Novemeber in a few days, so hoping to get out and about as much as possible. During the last few days I have been putting my video clips in order, and today will send them off to be edited. Road2Manchester the movie ...... soon..... maybe.

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