Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Work before play....

Been busy, so a bit short on information updates last week.

I have however found a great route planning tool called http://www.myrouteonline.com/ . This is a great system that gives the user a multi-point address plan, on a single or many journeys.

For distribution or holiday routes, it's better than standard google map, and the map below shows an outline route for Road2Manchester that was 'optimised' to give the shortest route between all 30 Manchesters.

The March start dates have not been confirmed due to weather patterns in the northern states, so an April or even May start has been 'suggested'.
The on-going organisation of the filming and 'the other team member' , is still pending, and news of who the lucky one is, will be announced once the PR team is ready.
Once everything is in place, there will be a full press release, and dates will be set in stone.

Meanwhile, I am getting some miles in on the Beemer, to get my biker head on for the 300-500 mile days that are ahead.



Sunday, 13 February 2011

Weather Here, wish you were lovely

Rain Rain Rain, despite a quick ride to Ozwaldtwisle on Thursday, I missed out on the fair weather Friday morning brought.

The usual MANCHESTER rainfall started on Friday afternoon, and hasn't really stopped

I took a drive (in the old transit) to Chorley Yamaha ,to sit on a FJR1300 tourer. Just to see if they fit my ample proportions.

Nice bike.

FJR or a scooter ?

Looks small "under" me, but it's a nice fit really. Might have to book a test ride..... or two.

www.advrider.com discovered through a twitter follower, is a great forum based site if you want direct advise, contacts and invitations whilst riding in the world.

A few threads within the 'Regions' of the USA, and I have invites for beer, food, riders coming along for a few miles, hotels, chicken dinners, B&B, more beers. and some 'unmissable roads'.

Within 36 hours, I have received 46 messages (all positive), 600+ views, and did I mention invitations for beer.

Threads: Brit Passing through & Road2Manchester

Valentines Day tomorrow. Feb 14th I might, just might be getting confirmation of start dates.

NB: Some mentions on the advrider site have warned of snow, ice and cold weather in the North Eastern states in March...... winter draws on then.

My GS ready for an outing.
Later dudes.........

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Updates.... Feb already.

Hmmmmn! March start, though still the target, no exact date has been decided due to production issues. As mentioned, plans to film the trip for posterity have been included in the remit, so getting all that 'stuff' confirmed is a slightly slower process than thought.

I am however seeking a 'Team Member' using this simple calculation.

Biker + Mancunian + Celebrity x free in March = March start. Simples:

Any ideas on an E-mither or here.

Twitter: ALMOST at 1000 followers @Road2Manchester , RT me and lets hit 1k by the end of Feb.

Wish List: Crossing just about every State, in the USA, means every weather pattern there is.

Deserts, Mountains, Rain, Wind, and nice sunny days (I hope).

What to wear?????

Despite my collection of 2 jackets, 3 helmets, 3 prs gloves, leather pants, 2 pairs of boots, muff,s bandanas, face masks, long johns, wicking shirts etc etc etc; There is always something that is not quite right.

Riding on short trips from home is simple. Weather this wekend is ----------- so I will wear-----------. Easy.

This trip I really need...

NordKapp Infinito Adventure Suit.

A) Inner liner is a two way jacket that can be worn alone. Windproof and thermal.

B) Middle Layer: Mesh and panel armoured summer jacket, worn over A), or alone.

C) Outer breathable, waterproof, vented.

Pants to match, means ALL weather, all temperature multi wear.

VISIT www.adventurebikewarehouse.co.uk for clothing, parts, camping gear, lighting,

FREE fitting service. M27 Manchester. Tell em' road2manchester sent ya!