Thursday, 25 December 2014

2014, where did that go.

well the end of another year gets closer. 
Christmas Day 2014' and it seems like a few months since it was the start of 2014 and all those promises of new horizons, new get fit campaigns and the like.
We are all guilty of making new year resolutions that never get any further than the end of the first week in January, and. I an no exception.
My motorcycling days were limited though I did use my BMW to get to work and back for a few months. Long haul rides reduced to a couple of trips to London (300 round trips) one for business and the other to meet my day old great niece whilst on the way to the Isle of Mann TT races.
I needed to fly from Gatwick, and the Hamers were close by, so a stop over was on the cards.

A weekend at Haggs Bank Bunkhouse made up for not going too far. Higgs is a bikers stop off and location for a number of event during the year.
Another great day in the lakes started with rain, but got warmer and brighter as the day went on.
If you are travelling in the North Yorks moors or East lakes area, Haggs Bank offers cheap rooms and a great host and hostess with biking in the blood.
Danny can also offer some fresh wild game and even road kill for the brave.

Work has bee scarce this year so grand adventures on a back burner, but as I sit here early on Christams morning, I hope that you all have a great holiday, get the presents you wanted, and world peace etc prevails.

happy New year to you all, and with luck and good fortune, 2015 will be more than a life less ordinary.


NB. The Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure Club, will have a stand at the Manchester Bike Show at event city in March. Why not call in and say hello.

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