Sunday, 1 February 2015

2015 and beyond

Can I start this blog entry with a THANKS FOR ARRIVING HERE 
It would seem that the majority of the visitors here are from the United States of America rather than Amanchester. 

My trip avross the USA to discover if the Manchesters that spread ever thinner as you travel west, have any bearing on the city of my birth.
Full details can be found between May and June 20, 2011 in the column to the right.

I still have over 30,000 words of a book about my journey, sat in various laptops, and promise to finish it one day. Meanwhile .......................

Next Month (March), the Chunky tread MAC (Facebook/ChunkyTreadMac} will show at the Manchester Bike Show.

As from last Thursday I am out of work again.

I have had no chance to ride my bike as the weather has been freezing cold, snowing and colder than a cold thing in a cold place.

I must also appologise for the many many messages on this blog, I found , today !!!! ny three years late, but thanks for your comments and questions, and in particular, those who offered beds, beer and BBQ's whilst I was over there.

One day..... maybe.

February already, and if the weather is better tomorrow, i might get the beemer out.

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