Monday, 11 July 2011

I am still awake.

Well that was a nice rest. After the mele of media mayhem that met me on my return to the UK, the world on R2M is now quiet. The PR company have asked for the camera, laptop and associated gubbins back, and there are no more requests from the TV, Radio or newspapers. (phew).
The issues with the Star-Com helmet camera and intercom turned out to be the 110volt power supply in the USA that would not charge the 240v system. NO help from Start-Com was forthcoming, so I will not be buying one in the near future. Go-Pro will be my camera of choice in the future.
I have made a guess that I lost about 4 days of video SD cards that I had not down loaded. Shame but the bits between Kentucky and Head north from Alabama are out there somewhere. I just hope that one day, they might be found by someone with the foresight to actually watch them.

I have returned to the BMW GSa with some trepidation as it was due for a service, and since Jon at Adventure Bike Warehouse (Manchester), got his hands on it, the B is running like a dream.
Better oil, new gearbox oil, tuned the carbs, treated the chassis to some fancy sealant, and she is running like a dream. The gearbox oil may be expensive but what a difference.

Just had a e-mail from Giz, at the Cromwell Ridgers (see 'On the road ',vids by Duke) with advise about film making, who is about to set out on another adventure ride and hopfully another fly on the wall film. Good Luck Ridgers. Wish I could come along.

Apart from that..... just off to France for a few days. (Yes we can pop over to Europe from here), and then back to proper work with gusto. my other hat.

Best wishes to Colin on the re-launch of for his latest Mini Dumper.

PS: ne vids on youtube/road2manchester


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