Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Not over yet.

Just when you thought it was over....... it carries on.

Saturday Home, Sunday, Manchester parade, Monday press call so I had to get my bike out again. Monday night, put my bike away. Tusday morning ..... "Hi Pete, the press would like another picture outside Manchester United football stadium, on your bike. Can you be there in ten minutes"?

"No, it takes me ten minutes to get my boots on, 15 to get the bike out again, same to get there".

"OK, see you in half an hour" !!!! Doh!

From Old Trafford, I had an interview at Rock Radio in Salford Quays, then rush home for telephone interview with Capital Radio.

That done I put my bike away again.

Today, Wednesday, Woken up by Mike from Bennetts (it was 10 am, so no problems, I should have been up).

Daily Star and Metro News both had mentions and now news about the BBC One Show on Friday.

The bike remains in the garage, my boots put in the cupboard and perhaps a few days rest for my aching hands (2000 clutch pulls in the parade), and bum !!!!

I will add the link for the TV shot on Friday, but meanwhile....... Mrs J has hidden my bike key.

May be going to the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Ripley Derbyshire. (If I can find the keys by weekend that is!!!!)

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