Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Last Manc Standing

Rememnber that due to time zones, it is still Tuesday here in Manchester California. After another long day of 13 hrs, 458 miles and the infamous Highways 101 and 1 (wow is that a twisty), I arrived in my last Manchester as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. 8.30PM and I had a dash back 13 miles north for last orders and a meal in ELK.
Giant Redwoods and dramatic sea mists over crashing waves and choppy seas. The Pacific highway is full of great views and great roads. I will add pictures in the morning, Just thought I would let you all know. S'Done.Did it.... finito bonito, QED, Finis, The End
( well almost just got to get to Frisco now. !)

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