Thursday, 9 June 2011

Horse shoes and turbo bikes.

Running a few days behind, the need to get places has become the main activity with 12 hour riding and big states to cross.

To catch up I have to add my thanks to Corey Clark in Fond Du Lac in Wisconsin. Another Facebook/Advrider pal, who asked me home for B&B (Beers and Bed). A busy night with Horse Shoe throwing contests, chicken wings to feed an army, and good company back at Corey's place.

It was Corey's idea to take the SS Badger, the old ferry across then lake. Good Call.

Next day Manchester Just down the road. A small agricultural village with a great Diner and a big breakfast. The ladies that 'do', were great and the facebook page gets another friend. ( Rubber Bottom, is another story).

A big day of almost 400 miles in 100 degree winds (From the South), and by 6pm I had covered 2 more villages with the name. Now in Minnesota the wind was burning as the temperatures hit 105 again. Drink, cover up your arms and use factor 50. Riding in the gusts and side wind was a killer with 12 degree off vertical and massive jumps from side to side when passing trucks. The avergage speed was in triple figures ans the miles swent by.

Another Super 8 Motel by the free way and an early night, I managed a good 9hrs sleep before heading west again. Today 52 F and a north Westerly wind..... the full riding suit was bag out of the panniers. 3 layers, double gloves and RAIN.

South Dakota...... IS.....................massive !

Manchester SD was blown away by a hurricane. No wonder, this is one BIG FLAT state. Straight roads that blow your mind. Views so far in all directions, you can see the curve of the earth. Manc SD....... as predicted NOTHING.......................... Little House on the Prairie, my they had it tough.

Visions of 20 million Buffalo come to mind on these vast grasslands. Those early Americans must have been tough cookies to set off over these lands with no roads, no idea of what was beyond.

The Badlands, where two of the earths 'plates' meet is a surprize. The land drops a thousand feet in a display of pink white and sand coloured layers eroded into sharp peaks and troughs. $10 toll and a very pretty 'warden' at the gate, and it was twisties and awe inspiring scenery again.

After another 12 hrs day, 312 miles I find myself looking up the Devils Tower in Wyoming. The volcanic formation was the star of the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. Looking like a 1200ft high tree trunk, this is a sacred place for the Native Americans and a strange looking object.

The local town of Hulett (pop: 140) was increase by myself and a guy from London, who was touring Esat to West (in a car). Good beer, good looking women, great Burger. Bonus.

Met the mayor, who seemed over cheery and loud, but hey thats fine.

Eileen from Seattle regailed tails of Sturgis Bike week and meeting her man there last year. Having dropped off Highway 90 earlier, Sturgis is getting ready for the 1/4 million bikers that turn up in a month. That must be a crazy event.

Even the sleepy town of Hulett saw 110,000 bikers turn up during Bike Week.

So its the 10th June and in 7 days I fly home to the UK. 1200 miles to Seattle and another 1000 down the Pacific Highway.

6029 miles covered to date and an average 286 per day needed to catch that flight.

Thanks to all those who have added laughs and memories, please. If I missed you out of the blog, visit where the photo albums and mentions continue.

I will try and keep up with more stories right through the next seven days. But time to go........ Another Day another Manchester.

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Anonymous said...

Of course there's nothing in Manchester, SD, because it was DESTROYED by a tornado not a hurricane, did you not see the destruction left from the tornado? I also think your being a little too harsh on a well percieved misconseption on South Dakota about it being extremly flat. I'm suprised you didn't say Minnesota isn't flat (or North Dakota for that matter), because it's probally more flat than South Dakota. I'm sure the only road you drove on in the state was US Route 14, which does pretty much drive through the flattest region of the state, until you cross the Missouri.