Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Last Manc Standing

10pm on a Monday night, and I am about to retire for the day. Good start this morning from Manchester Washington, and leaving Jack my host and guide to the I-5 freeway, I got a 130 miles in before breakfast. A quick realisation that I was just motoring for the sake of it, I turned west and headed for the iconic 101 Pacific Highway.
80 miles west seemed an odd choice seeing as I wanted to get South to Manchester, California, 500 miles away.
Twisting and turning through a mist covered forest on the way down to Lincoln City, it turns out that it was raining when I reached the sea. Just in time to speak to BBC radio Manchester (John Barnes), live , I did my stuff via mobile phone before once again doing a few miles more.
So in the Dublin House Hotel, Yachats, Oregon (Spelt by a native indian or an Irish settler???? I dunno), a good chilli burger, beer and chat with the locals was the norm.
Bed now with 325 miles less to travel tomorrow. Looking for Giant redwood trees and giant sand dunes en-route.
Next blog.......
The Last Manc standing at the last Manc on the list.......... sad, happy, relieved and ready for my own bed, a good cup of tea, and a cuddle (but not necessarly in that order.

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