Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bad vibrations

Starting off with telephone interviews by the UK's Manchester Evening News and then Rock Radio 106.1FM, I set off late (9.30) and with a balmy 75F headed for Goergia and over to Alabama. Its a sad day today though. I have lost the last weeks worth of SD cards with all my video footage. Somewhere between 7 gables Hotel in Burnside Kentucky (where I was trying to download them), and Madison, Alabama, (the long way round) I either dropped them or they were taken from the small shutter style storage boxes on the wing.(I doubt the second option). Fact is I down-loaded some to my notebook, but the big 8GB chip with Deals Gap & the Dragons Tail is lost. Sad sad day. I stopped a few times en-route and also at Lynchburg Tennesse the Jack Daniels centre. Anyone going there this week might want to ask. Small bag of SD chips all blue, most are 2GB all feature me. With a bit of luck, those finding them might realise they are lost (Doh!) and see the road to Manchester logos etc:
Alabama has two Manchester and the story about the first resulted in a quick get away as I was warned by a local who had shown me to this mountain forest 'town' !, that the area is not safe for 'outsiders'. He had left me but came back. I was setting up my camera but he wouldn't get out of his car, and soon shot off down the single track forest road. Tales of Hill Billies, meths stills and strange people were exchanged and shot guns being standard, had me make a fast retreat.
In comparison Manc#15 Alabama near Jasper, is another small community, little there and a short visit and to an air conditioned hotel in Jasper. Maxed out at 109F the Goldwings air temperature gauge told me enough was enough.Tomorrow North to Indiana and Iowa. Hope its cooler.

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J said...

Pete. I'm in central Illinois. 40% chance of rain Thursday. Should be cooler for you up this way