Monday, 20 June 2011

Home Sweet Home

After 25 hours of travelling, I returned home at 6pm on Saturday to a warm and welcome reception from my family. The journey from San Francisco was delayed a few hours, and air travel is always an issue, me being slightly wider and taller than the seats were designed for.
Sunday morning I had to be up to attend the Manchester Day parade where I was to ride my bike in the procession.
At around 5am here and 9pm in my head, I was awake and eating anything I could get my hands on. (Unusual for me I know !!!)
(Nice cuppa tea !)

One o'clock and the rendevous in central Manchester at the start of the parade, totally jet lagged by now, I was informed that I would have to push the BMW for the 2 mile route due to health and safety.

(What about my health and safety???)

I suggested that I would like to leave !!! So they allowed me to ride, assisted by the engine (bonus).

Two hours later, engine getting very hot, oil light flashing away, we finished and that was the official end of the Road2Manchester.

Never cease to wonder why people took so many pictures, not knowing who I was, or why I was the only motorised 'vehicle' in the whole parade?
The Beemer seemed very light and very, very tall after the Goldwing, Driving on the other side of the road seemed very strange too.

Finally, Finally

Once again thanks you to all of the organisers, Bennetts Insurance for the Biker Dream, RGP International for the organisation, the good people of the USA for being so nice, and my family for their love and support.

Many thanks to the Facebook friends, and the 6000+ visitors here on my blog. I hope I entertained y'all just a little. I may well write a book about my adventure...... meanwhile I will always be on the Road2Manchester.

Keep on dreaming, you never know.

As they say in America......." well, there you go ".



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