Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Michigan 'In a great State'

The Tour Bus.

Party time in Michigan with Missy Covill

Singer songwriter and all round mate.

Michigan gave a double whammy. After leaving my host John in Manchester Michigan, I was just a few miles down the road for Saturday

night at another facebook friend Missy Covill (See Facebook/missycovill)

Missy and I had been chatting for months about bikes, music, theme songs for my up and coming video stuff etc: the invite to come over was in the diary. Even her Mun arrived on a Harley.

Late into the night the 20-30 guests ate great food, drank more than enough beer, argued about game shooting and even had the odd wrestling match. Once I had answered questions about what we hunt in the UK (Nothing !), A ten gauge shot gun was thrust into my hand and I was sending beer cans to a better place. Add a bit of a jamming session on the old harmonica & guitar, seeing lightning bugs, hearing bull frogs and watching Chip Monks playing in the yard, I took to the 'Tour Bus' for a hot and very dark night down in the dell . Leaving Missy and her family in peace I thank here for a great experience and friendly stay that will remain a fond memory for ever.

I left after a great hot breakfast heading for an old coal fired ferry that would save me a 300 mile slog through Chicago. The SS Badger runs a 60 mile trip across lake Michigan and was around 80 miles north of my unique hotel at Missy's.

On the way I stopped for a Dune Buggy ride on the massive dunes that line the shore. The best $16 I have spent, the 45 minute tour in a massive open top 16 seater truck. (Note to self; Southport Beach???)

Ludington overnite as the ferry left at 8am, and then a quiet 4 hours on the ship. Good news I had time to sort out the massive amount of photo & video files and found my DEALS¬GAP (Dragons Tail) vid hiding in a picture file. Way Hey 80)

More pics at facebook/roadtomanchester and facebook/bennetts_bike.

Arrived in Manitowoc, Wisconsin at mid-day where it had been raining hard and 72F (seemed really cold after 85F the day before). 2 miles in land....... 85F again.
Next stop another facebook invite from Cory Clark in Fond Du Lac.

Next blog, Chicken wings, Turbo bikes, Throwing Horse Shoes, Manc' Wisconsin and 105 degrees + 35MPH side winds. (Fun in the sun.....not !).

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