Thursday, 14 July 2011

Overland, it's the new black.

Every now and then something 'nice' happens. It could be a gift, a chance meeting or a great night out. Often nice things just come along, sometimes great thing too.

A chance message on Facebook by Sam Manicom (RTW Guru), mentioned a new magazine. Overland. So being a curious type, I ordered their first copy which arrived today.

Magazine is the wrong word. More a compendium, a volume, a keepsake.

This 'production' is classy, informative and what I have cristened a 'Keeper'.
Great features from some the the best biker writers and travellers, really great paper and print quality and I feel that this motorcycle travel handbook, will be seen in receptions, collections and coffee tables long after the sell by date has passed. buy it but under no corcumstances let anyone borrow it. You may never get it back.

Whilst talikng RTW hero's take a look at TED SIMON FOUNDATION join, help.

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