Friday, 5 August 2011

Summer in England

As the world of the international biker 'celebrity for a bit', turns back to normal. The UK summer is upon us and as usual, the weekdays the sun is out. This would be great if by Friday night, the weather forecast didn't say RAIN ALL WEEKEND.

I am not sure which country built the weather machine, but I guess that the economy would not be on its ass, if the sun was out during August.

I had my bike (BMW) serviced at Adventure Bike Warehouse, and it is running great. Well it was when I took the long way home about 3 week ago. In between that I had a week in France with Mrs J, a week in Somerset working and a this week the rain is back.

Riots and unrest throughout the UK have reached Manchester, with thousands of 'youths' running the gaunlet and looting shops under the 'cival unrest' banner, started in London last week.
No reason to spread, its just a sick excuse to take advantage of this mayhem.
Disaffected, yes, lost in society, Yes, no repect, Yes,. No future....maybe.
Bring back National Service. The armed Forces need these yobs, if not as solders, then as trainee members of society.

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