Sunday, 21 August 2011

Best laid plans

Time flies when your having fun.

August is after all our summer month. It is time when 2/3rds of the UK go on holiday as the kids get a month off school.

Bikers too get a chance to go for a spin, a holiday or the odd weekend away. The 'season' for events is here, and the choices for every hobby and pastime and outdoor sport abound.

Adventure Bike Meet, Horizons Unlimited camps, shows, and rides to the local biker hang-outs all available if you don't mind chancing the weather.

Last week I had my 'fix' as I rode from home in Manchester to South Petherton in Somerset, so see a potential customer.

As usual the weather was 'iffy' and I dodged a couple of storms and got a little damp on the way down the M5 on the 210 mile A to B ride.

On the way back, via the Cheddar Gorge, one of the roads I had promised myself for years, and was disapointed by, I once again ran the gaunlet of rain and low cloud.

Coming off the M6 at around 5.30pm, I eventually caought up with a storm, and the last 8 miles was in heavy rain.

So 429 miles, one very sore backside (Who at BMW had the idea of putting a stone seat lining on GS's), and a damp suit and gloves.

The GS ran sweetly all the way and speeds more or less at the speed limit (officer !), the new higher grade gearbox oil was working well with up and down changes very smooth.

Next plan is to go for a weekend to Scotland at the end of September with some of the Adventure Bike Warehouse crew, and possibly before that (just possibly) ride to Spain for a couple of days as Mrs J goes to Cabo Riog for ten days. It's that damn ferry crossing from UK to Santander or Bilbao. Soooooo expensive.
250 miles inn the UK and 800+ in Spain..... one way, then return. Hmmn ! not quite a weekend away !

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