Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Radio Radio

10pm last night (Tuesday) and I am heading 33 miles north to Blackburn. Home of BBC Radio Lancashire and in the evenings tag along Radio Manchester.
John Barnes was the presenter that called me as I hit the Pacific Highway 101 coast road. The interview then went out live as last nights chat did, and John invited me to the studio once I was back.
Eventually after a couple of false starts, I made it to Blackburn and over a hour of air-time we chatted about the Road2Manchester.
John is a biker at heart, and had visited the USA some time ago. In between music, travel and national news items we enjoyed an in depth (ish) talk to the good folk of Manchester and Lancashire.
Link to BBC I player which will be on for a couple of days. The first bit is saying it is not working, but wait 2 mins and it will start.

If you are reading this post after 30th August, it will probably be deleted, such is the Iplayer system.

The bike has been away for a week as proper work takes over. The weather this summer is also a bit hit and miss, with regular rain and sunny bits.
The Autumn is showings its self already and thoughts of cold and frosty mornings are not so welcoming.
Being out of the UK for May and June has shortened my year, and as they say;
Time flies when you are having fun......................

Thanks to John B, a real gent and pro' I guess that will be my last 'media' thang !

Oh Yes !!!! there is another announcment, but that will have to wait.

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